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El Keter has m. Cody's back.

Ok... so here it is, the long awaited arrival of littlefishink.


Be prepared for the awesome. There will be wares for sale, music, pictures, rants, sexy ladies & links.

Very exciting stuff!

I would like to thank first and foremost my best friend,
El Keter ben Tzadik for his love, unflinching support and super savvy.

This site would not be here were it not for him.

It currently smells like waffles in the house, which is nice and his doing as well.

I would like to thank all the sexy ladies and nice gents who bought my wares, let me take their picture, sent photos and bought things from me.

Many thanks are also due to the cool cats speeding through the tubes of cyberspace. Thanks for being so nice, whack & weird.

If someone would have told me a few years ago I would be here doing this, I would have smirked at you with my head tilted.


Posted by mcody
At 12:08AM on 05/07/09
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