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Work in Progress: Felted Lavender Beret

So this is while I'm making the beret, the pillow is 17'' square it's almost done. After the beret is done it measures 13'' across with a 40'' flat circumference .
You can easily see the individual stitches (not for long).


The process of felting I used makes boiled wool.




So you can pretty much see the felting take place, yah?
The stitch definition virtually vanishes and you get a warm, soft beautiful piece of fabric.


OK, one last dip in the pot for good measure...



When you felt, you aren't getting less wool because it gets smaller. There are just a lot less air holes.


Check it out, the fabric is so tight the hot air from within the pot can't get out.

Pretty cool.

The beret is currently drying and looking just fine, keep a look out in a post soon to come!

Posted by mcody
At 05:53PM on 11/17/10
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I am finished, WOO HOO!


Lining the pieces was a bit of a challenge, the crochet being diamond shaped and the lining a sort of square. It was very important that the lining be strong, it's made from a sturdy woven fabric.


Machine sewing the lining to the strap ensures the piece won't stretch.
I hand sewed the bag together and went over that with machine stitches.


This is me putting the needle on the record, and the record on the bag!
(let's say it again...)

Put the needle on the record, and the record on the bag.

There were moments while making this bag that I just wanted to be done with it already. I put in a lot of thought and work in to it like everything I make, but this bag is special.

This bag is STRONG... it can hold over 15lbs of records!



Here I am rocking the bag. The strap is wide and comfortable.


Whatever your choice in music is, whether you make the music with your mouth or not, it'll all fit in this bag!


Posted by mcody
At 10:10PM on 06/10/09
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This project has taught me a couple of things.
I am now proficient with the subtle stitch of the single crochet.

Learning to make a square in a strange new way, crocheting on the diagonal, I start off with a small amount of stitches increasing
at each side until the desired width is achieved.
Then decrease in the same way.


I have to say, it turned out more like a diamond, but that's fine.


Here's the strap, also worked in single crochet.
Its about 100 inches long, enough to also form the bottom of the bag.

As you can see I have a good 3 to 6 inches of width to go...

I also taught myself to crochet with beads.
The words on the record were worked in a circle.


The record grows from the inside out and is made from wool.
It will be sewn to the front of the bag before assembly.
I think it's turning out great.

I usually work on projects at light speed.
This project is just what I needed.
I haven't been allowing myself to start any new projects.

(sure sure:)

I cheated and sewed an apron from corduroy pants & I am crocheting myself a dainty face cloth from bamboo thread.

There is no time off for good behavior when it comes to my crafting.

Posted by mcody
At 01:10PM on 05/28/09
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I decided to take a little time off from crocheting bikinis.

My eyes were crossing from fretting over the shape of crotches and the size of boobies.

I‘ll get back to all that later, right now I am working on a crocheted record bag

These are the beads!  Yay!

These beads will be on the flap most likely.

Spelling out different names for vinyl.

Single crochet takes longer, but it's gonna be sweet

Single crochet takes a bit longer, but I am pleased with how it’s going.

It will be lined, with long strap and wide gusset so you can hold at least 20-25 records...Yee haw!

It's growing...

See...It's taking the shape of a record & will be for sale soon!

Posted by mcody
At 11:32PM on 05/17/09
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