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This cowl has a bit of sentimental value, it's rugged rows are my first circular knit rows made.

Measuring 18 inches long and 24 to 27 inches in width, it can protect the neck and be rocked to protect the ears.

Made from super soft, washable wool. Super Fancy, Yo. Its heavy and light at the same time.

$36.00 (Shipping Included)

Posted by mcody
At 12:49AM on 02/28/15
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10 inches tall and 20-24 around this cap is knit with the fair isle technique in soft bright yarn.

Fits Small to Medium

$20.00 (Shipping Included)

Posted by mcody
At 05:25PM on 02/17/15
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Knit Camouflage Beret

This unisex beret is knit by hand and measures in at 20-24 inches around the ribbing, There is a bit of elastic thread
here to keep it in place.

Knit Camouflage Beret

Almost 30 inches at it's widest point it comes in a nice earth toned pallet.
This cozy hat is a nice addition to anyone's wardrobe or hat collection.

One Size Fits Most
$17.00 (Shipping Included)

Posted by mcody
At 05:13PM on 02/17/15
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Kruger Sweater

Inspired by Freddy Kruger, this sweater is striking and can also be considered holiday flavored.

This piece has a 45 inch wingspan. It measures 24 inches from top to bottom and 12 inches across the neckline. The 1x1 ribbing on the bottom is 8 inches tall and measures from 22 to 30 inches around. A bat wing like construction makes for cozy, dance your face off comfort.

Fits Small to Medium

$46.00 (Shipping Included)

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At 06:33PM on 12/28/14
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One Size Fits Most


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At 07:17PM on 12/22/14
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Knit Mr. T Sweater    littlefishink

This sweater is one of my favorite creations.

Measuring 45'' around and 32'' from top to bottom, it was knit flat with raglan shaping and has a 1x1 ribbing detail.

The arms measure 28'' from top to wrists. The yarn is warm & cozy with a nice denim like color.

Mr. T is on the front and was knit in the intarsia technique.


My best friend, El Keter would like to add that he “Pities the fool who don't buy this sweater”.

Fits Medium to Extra large


Posted by mcody
At 08:49AM on 12/06/14
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Knit Dickie


Made of super soft wool, this dickie measures 14 to 17'' in length and 12 to 24'' wide. The neck alone is 9'' long.

The knit material makes this garment quite flexible. Wear it with the collar turned down or up to shield thyself from the elements.

One Size Fits All

$15.00 (Shipping Included)

Posted by mcody
At 10:45PM on 12/05/14
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