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I decided to take a little time off from crocheting bikinis.

My eyes were crossing from fretting over the shape of crotches and the size of boobies.

I‘ll get back to all that later, right now I am working on a crocheted record bag

These are the beads!  Yay!

These beads will be on the flap most likely.

Spelling out different names for vinyl.

Single crochet takes longer, but it's gonna be sweet

Single crochet takes a bit longer, but I am pleased with how it’s going.

It will be lined, with long strap and wide gusset so you can hold at least 20-25 records...Yee haw!

It's growing...

See...It's taking the shape of a record & will be for sale soon!
Posted by mcody
At 11:32PM on 05/17/09
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