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This project has taught me a couple of things.
I am now proficient with the subtle stitch of the single crochet.

Learning to make a square in a strange new way, crocheting on the diagonal, I start off with a small amount of stitches increasing
at each side until the desired width is achieved.
Then decrease in the same way.


I have to say, it turned out more like a diamond, but that's fine.


Here's the strap, also worked in single crochet.
Its about 100 inches long, enough to also form the bottom of the bag.

As you can see I have a good 3 to 6 inches of width to go...

I also taught myself to crochet with beads.
The words on the record were worked in a circle.


The record grows from the inside out and is made from wool.
It will be sewn to the front of the bag before assembly.
I think it's turning out great.

I usually work on projects at light speed.
This project is just what I needed.
I haven't been allowing myself to start any new projects.

(sure sure:)

I cheated and sewed an apron from corduroy pants & I am crocheting myself a dainty face cloth from bamboo thread.

There is no time off for good behavior when it comes to my crafting.
Posted by mcody
At 01:10PM on 05/28/09
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