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My Head Scratching Awesome Podcast

1. MC Paul Barman “Props”
2. Madvillain “3.214”
3. The Budos Band “His Girl”
4. Atari Teenage Riot “Activate!”
5. Bonde do Role “Caminhao de gas”
6. Bjork “Army of me” (Masseymix)
7. Busdriver “Scoliosis Jones”
8.Hudson Mohawk “Velvet Peel”
9.Dragons of Zynth “Get off”
10. Tricky “Black coffee” featuring Martina Topley-Bird
11. Icy Demons “Mr. Squeezy”
12. USAISAMONSTER “It's a beautiful thing
(I like my oranges peeled for me)”
13. Atari Teenage Riot vs. Iggy Pop “The Beginning of the
punk rockers rage”
14. El Michels Affair “Heaven & Hell”
15. Shirley Ellis “The Real Nitty Gritty”
16. Dean Martin “Sway”
17.Tone Tank “Mala!”
18. Bei Bei & Shawn Lee “Bei's Bossa”
19. John Swihart “Nap Pulls Kip Return”

You can Download the Podcast by clicking here.

You can also subscribe to the feed to be fed here. I would like to thank the folks who have already subscribed to my shows, it made me blush.

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