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This is what I make when I want to not think about size, or measurements. It's a great way to experiment with color, use remnants, and I get to watch my skills sharpen with each friend I create.

The making of amigurumi is crazy popular, and a lot of fun. Every one you see will be one of a kind (OOAK in etsy speak, guh) which means I basically free styled it or made up my own pattern. The prices are based on time and material and shipping is included. They have no names or sex, sometimes they resemble animals seen before here on earth.


So far I have been focusing on knitting these, but crocheted ones will be made too in the future. Check out the Leviathan I made for El Keter.

I look forward to seeing my friends get cool names and go to good homes, they are nice to have around.

amigurumi & plush friends at home

See You Soon!
Posted by mcody
At 11:41AM on 03/16/11
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