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Today I had plans to: find my keys, turn a skimpy honeycomb piece into a bikini for a friend, organize and toss out massive amounts of paperwork & put arms on a sweater's body. Instead I went out Yarn Bombing.

I checked in at my local social networking site and AntiCraft! posted something pretty cool.

Heard about it, thought about it...

For quite some time.

It looks cool it does, it's not as easy as it looks...

This nice lady was curious and I gave her a bit so she could Bomb on her own.

International Yarn Bombing Day 2011


My lovely Apprentice Alexsis did a great job today.

Yarn Bomb

Got some cars on my way home...

Yarn Bomb

International Yarn Bombing Day Springfield, Ma

2011 International Yarn Bombing Day

Three cops and a few curious pedestrians later...

littlefishink 2011 International Yarn Bombing Day

Good Stuff, good times, that is just what I needed... yup.
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At 09:26PM on 06/11/11
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